BriteBrace® Care: Air-Polishing at every Orthodontic Appointment!

BriteBrace® is the name Waugh & Allen has given air-polishing in orthodontics and it is the first of its kind in the world! This treatment is done at regular orthodontic adjustments as needed to remove any plaque, stain, or food from around the braces.  BriteBrace® is a huge benefit that is offered to patients to help eliminate the chances of white scars forming around braces due to poor oral hygiene; in fact, Waugh & Allen’s post-treatment enamel health scoring is twice as good as the national average. In addition, after the air-polishing is done a fluoride varnish is applied to the surfaces of the teeth that were treated.

Please note that this service is not a complete cleaning like you would receive from your dentist’s office.  Each patient should continue to see their dentist for regular check-ups and cleanings while in braces.

BriteBrace® is a Registered Service Mark of Waugh & Allen Orthodontics

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