Platinum Proportion

Before there was Platinum Proportion® there was “golden proportion,” a certain aesthetic quality found throughout the natural world – the ratio of 62%. It’s why a picture hanging on an 8’ high wall looks best 5’ up – 62% above the floor. Dental labs strive for golden proportion when making artificial teeth for dental patients.

Ever since Dr. Waugh started using passive self-ligating braces, he has noticed that the display of the front teeth in patients finishing treatment most often exhibit a percentage ratio greater than 62%, as show in the top right two pictures. Often patients’ ratios were near 80%.

Platinum Proportion® smiles are more pleasing to the eye. Dr. Waugh started calling them this because platinum is better than gold!

In 2008 Dr. Waugh began studying this in-depth and discovered that the use of patient-specific wires, selected based on the sum of the linear widths of his patients’ teeth, achieved a predictable Platinum Proportion® display. The chart below summarizes his findings:

Platinum Proportion is a registered service mark of Waugh & Allen Orthodontics.

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